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Jamie's Dream Gala

Thank you for making Jamie's Dream Gala such as success. Over 100 people attended the evening. Many thanks to our guest MC Carolyn Ellis from KX96, and the very talented Leah Daniels for her musical entertainment. Your support of our event will ensure the people we support have the financial assistance they need to achieve their dreams.




Thanks to the Township of Brock Fire Department for making John’s Dream a Reality

Anyone who knows John knows that he has long been fascinated with the world of firefighters. And on Thursday, John had the opportunity to live his dream and be a volunteer fire fighter for a day.  

 John’s day was full and included everything a volunteer fire fighter would do: a briefing with the chief, doing station detail, like cleaning the fire trucks, and attending a harbour watercraft demo.  John enjoyed every moment of the day; riding in the fire truck was a thrill, the stop for lunch was short as John was ready to move on to his next stop, a tour of one of the fire stations.

Many thanks to the Brock Fire department for pulling this amazing day together, to all the crews at the stations John visited and especially to Ryan Edgar who spent the last few weeks planning the fantastic day.

With the CrewWashing the Pumper



Join Our March Break Program for A Variety of Activities.

Please join our March Break Program for a variety of fun and skill building activities. 

Please contact Amanda Carkner at 905-852-2884 for more details

March Break 2015



Partners for Planning Resource Network Webcast Series

Exploring Home - Thinking Creatively 

This two-part webcast series will explore how to think creatively when creating a home for your loved one and will examine different ownership models and legal considerations. 

 Each webcast session will include a panel of experts and parents followed by a Q & A session. 


Thurs. March 19

Practical and Creative Considerations with Susan Beayni and Bonnie Heath

Tues. March 31

Ownership Models and Legal Implications with Brendon Poornan and Patricia Parker

 To join either of these sessions, click on the Partners for Planning link on the top left hand side of this page.  If you are unable to join the webcast live, a recording will be available for one week after the event.

Partners for Planning is an online resource assisting families in creating a good life and secure future for their loved one. You can watch live webcasts and webinars, scroll through the Learning Centre resources, “ask an Expert” through the free one-on-one telephone consultation, browse through the Provincial Professional Services Directory or watch documentaries/presentations in the Doc Zone. Learn more about this great resource by watching this video.



Strategic Plan

Click here to view a copy of our strategic plan.