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Coffee bringing the community together


We are very excited to be featured in the Caps Community News and Events paper. The article can be found on page three (3) by clicking the link here Caps September 2015


Tour de Perry Tricycle Race 

A great time was had yesterday at the kick off of the United Way 2015 Fundraising Campaign (To Donate Click Here). Community Living Durham North was well represented in the Tour de Perry tricycle race by Nadine, Casey, Bing and Ashley. 

Special thanks to Ashley for sharing with the community the impact supports she’s received  from Community Living Durham North has had on increasing her quality of life.

United Way is a generous funder of some of our programs, they play a pivotal role in supporting people and services  in our community in a variety of ways that deeply affect people’s lives.  Community Living Durham North is a grateful recipient of their funding and we are always ready and willing to share our successes and support them with their campaign.

United Way Group Shot

CLDN BatCrewAshley Speaksc to Crowd




Thanks to the Township of Brock Fire Department for making John’s Dream a Reality

Anyone who knows John knows that he has long been fascinated with the world of firefighters. And on Thursday, John had the opportunity to live his dream and be a volunteer fire fighter for a day.  

 John’s day was full and included everything a volunteer fire fighter would do: a briefing with the chief, doing station detail, like cleaning the fire trucks, and attending a harbour watercraft demo.  John enjoyed every moment of the day; riding in the fire truck was a thrill, the stop for lunch was short as John was ready to move on to his next stop, a tour of one of the fire stations.

Many thanks to the Brock Fire department for pulling this amazing day together, to all the crews at the stations John visited and especially to Ryan Edgar who spent the last few weeks planning the fantastic day.

With the CrewWashing the Pumper






Strategic Plan

Click here to view a copy of our strategic plan.